A lightweight, simple-to-use, responsive, customizable, flatfile (no MySQL) forum

Main features:

  • Responsive design (mobile friendly!) using spectre.css
  • Uses font awesome for all icons and bbc
  • Simple to use for anyone who has ever used forum software
  • Appearance can be changed in a single css file
  • Uses a flatfile database engine (no MySQL needed)
  • SEO friendly URL’s

How to start using chaozzForum:

  • Upload all the files from the zip to a webserver
  • chmod the ‘db’ folder to 777 and all ‘tsv’ files in it to 666
  • Make sure the .htaccess file is present in the ‘db’ folder if you’re on an apache server. If you’re on a Windows server, make sure the tvs files are not directly accessible by the browser
  • Login to your forum as admin
    username: admin
    password: fubar
  • Change the password
  • Done!

See licence.txt for more details about this product’s licence.
If you find it useful, perhaps you can show appreciation by making a small donation.

Download chaozzForum from Github.