chaozzForum – a simple forum using a flatfile database engine

I have this forum software running on my website, check it out.

How to start using chaozzForum:

  • extract the zip file to a folder
  • upload all the files from the zip to a webserver
  • chmod the ‘db’ folder to 777 and all ‘tsv’ files in it to 666
  • make sure the .htaccess file is present in the ‘db’ folder if you’re on an apache server. If you’re on a Windows server, make sure the tvs files are not directly accessible by the browser
  • login to your forum as admin
    username: admin
    password: fubar
  • change the password (or first change the $db_salt value in the settings file and then change the password)
  • done! you can start using the forum. the options are self explanatory.

See licence.txt for more details about this product’s licence.
If you find it useful, perhaps you can show appreciation by making a small donation.

If you have questions or suggestions, contact me.
Elmar Wenners – 2019 The Netherlands –

Download [here]