My Motorcycle

I have my motorcycle licence since February 2020 and have been riding to work on a daily basis ever since (whenever the Dutch weather allows it). My bike is a Kawasaki ER6N from 2010.

Headlight Mod
In the winter of 2021 I started on the conversion of the original headlight. I don’t like the look of the original headlight and wanted a 7″ round headlight instead. I also wanted to do the modification non-destructively.

So I ordered the headlight, mounting brackets, some H4 and H8/H9/H11 extension cables and a 24 volt relay. Links to all the parts I used are in the video description of the video below.


Here are the before and after pictures.

I mounted a GoPro Hero 5 Black to the front of my helmet so I can document my road adventures. It’s remarkable what stuff you encounter on a bike in relation to other traffic.

Every time I have a close encounter with others on the road I post it on my personal youtube channel.