One Must Tel (Jeroen Tel Medley)

For a challenge on my Youtube-channel RetroGameCouch I had two weeks to create a song on a retro computer.

If you want to see the entire process of my friend and me struggling with old hardware trying to get the song done in two weeks, you can check out the full video on RetroGameCouch. We had The 8-Bit Guy and Bert Smorenbug as the judges!!

I used my Amiga 500 and my idea was to make a medley of well-known tunes of the famous SID-composer and fellow Dutchman Jeroen Tel.

Download the .MOD file to play it in either Windows (I recommend Schism Tracker or OpenMPT) or DOS (I recommend Inertia Player or Scream Tracker). (24.3 KiB, 71 hits)