Polaroid Cubetter

Polaroid CUBEtter is a tool that unlocks hidden settings of the Polaroid Cube (not the +). This tool can fully replace the default Polaroid Cube settings tool.

The hidden settings that it reveals are: bitrate (!), recording timeself timer and battery level.


The Polaroid Cube is set to record at a bitrate of 8mbps by default. It can however record at a maximum bitrate of 13mbps. A higher bitrate means better video quality.

Recording Time:

When you record continuously clips will be automatically be chopped into smaller clips. The default setting is 5 minute clips. You can however also set this to 15 minute clips.

Self Timer:

The Polaroid Cube also supports a non-documented feature: the Self Timer. Set the self timer delay with the tool and save. After that you can hold the button on the cube for 1 second and it will countdown and make a picture.

Battery Level:

A read-only value that gives you the exact percentage of battery left in your Polaroid Cube.

PolaroidCube.exe vs PolaroidCubetter.exe

Usage: Copy PolaroidCubetter.exe to the root of your SD card and use it instead of the present PolaroidCube.exe tool.

  PolaroidCubetter 1.1 (41.0 KiB, 807 hits)

Firmware update!

For this tool to work your Polaroid Cube needs to have firmware version 1.17 installed. If my tool gives an error message about your firmware version, then please follow the steps below:

  • Format your SD card (it removes the old settings)
  • Unzip the firmware (download below) and place the .bin file in the root of your SD card
  • Unplug the Polaroid Cube and wait for the orange led to stop blinking. Reboot your device. Again, wait for the orange light to stop blinking before connecting it again.

  Polaroid Cube Firmware 1.17 (789.0 KiB, 856 hits)

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